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EGO Bait-Mark Value Added Functionality & Features


Tether the Bait-Mark bait containment system to the dock to contain and keep your live bait fresh and active until you are ready to embark on your fishing trip.


Leave live bait inside the Bait-Mark and carry to the live well on your boat. Open the hatch door on the side of the Bait-Mark and easily transfer the bait unharmed into the live well.


Upon arrival at desired fishing location, redeploy the Bait-Mark, fill it with live bait from live well and place it in the water next to the side of the boat. Easily tether into location using the fastening ring just below the collar. The live bait swimming inside the Bait-Mark will attract game and predator fish.

EGO Bait-Mark Bait Containment System

Additional Uses:

  • Location Marking Device (collapsed in stowed position)
  • Fish Attracting Device (deployed with bait contained inside)
  • Chumming Device (deployed with chum contained inside)
  • Saves live bait = Quick return on investment


MSRP – $59.99

1-Year Limited Warranty

Adventure Products warrants your EGO product to be free of defects in material and workmanship (excluding mesh) for a period of one (1) years from the date of original purchase. If this product exhibits such a defect, Adventure Products will, at its option, replace or repair it without charge.

EGO BaitMark Containment System Specs
EGO BaitMark Containment System Specs

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